Movie (MPAA) ratings and Python?

Dave Angel davea at
Thu Dec 12 14:56:19 CET 2013

On Wed, 11 Dec 2013 23:22:14 -0700, Michael Torrie 
<torriem at> wrote:
> From what I can see gmail is producing a multipart message that has 
> plaint text part and an html part.  This is what gmail normally 
does and
> as far as I know it's RFC-compliant and that's what gmail always 

"Always does" doesn't mean it's a good idea on a text newsgroup. 

Very often the pretty text in the html part is mangled in the text 
part. Most often this is just indentation,  but for Python that's a 
biggie. It also means that we don't all see the same thing. 

Including both makes the download slower and more expensive. 

Some text newsreaders refuse to show anything if there's an html 
part.  Mine (groundhog on android) apparently shows the text part if 
it follows the html part.


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