ANN: pathlib 0.97 released

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at
Tue Dec 10 23:09:04 CET 2013


As you may know, pathlib has recently been accepted for inclusion into
the Python 3.4 standard library.  You can view the new module's
documentation here:

As part of the inclusion process, many API changes were done to the
original pathlib API (*) so as to satisfy the python-dev community's 
comments and complaints. Yet, the PyPI version of pathlib (0.8) was still 
featuring the legacy API.


I am now releasing version 0.97 of pathlib, which brings the standalone
PyPI module up-to-date with the standard library version. The version
number reflects this. It isn't yet "officially" stable, since Python 3.4
hasn't been released yet; I plan to do a standalone 1.0 release by the
time Python 3.4 is released.

If you are not under Python 3.4:


Download from
or use `pip` or `easy_install`.
(be sure to *force* the upgrade if pathlib 0.8 or earlier is already


Standalone documentation is at

Changes from 0.8

The API changes are too long to list; if you are already a pathlib user,
I would recommend you read the documentation and find out what has changed 
for you (your code will likely break loudly, anyway!).



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