load_module for import entire package

Sergey sh0375 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 08:28:31 CET 2013

I need to import package and instantiate a class, defined in one of modules, located in package.

Package is located in folder "tmp". basedir - path to running python script.

I'm doing it so:

import imp

def load_package_strict(p_package_name, p_package_path):
    f, filename, description = imp.find_module(p_package_name, [p_package_path])
        result = imp.load_module(p_package_name, f, filename, description)
        if f: f.close
    return result

def get_obj():
  pkg = load_package_strict("tmp", basedir)
  from tmp import main
  return main.TTT()

It is working, but if package code changes on disc at runtime and I call get_obj again, it returns instance of class, loaded for the first time previously. 

How to replace line "from tmp import main" by getting properties of pkg?


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