Using Python inside Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) environment.

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Article : Using Python inside Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) environment.

In this article you will find information about using Python in the PWCT Visual Programming Environment

Programming Without Coding Technology is a free open source general purpose visual programming system. Inside PWCT we can create programs using visual programming without typing text based source code. This seems to be an attractive feature for novice programmers, but PWCT is designed to take in mind some of the expert programmer needs (Productivity and Customization). When we create applications using PWCT we can see/edit the generated source code (optional). PWCT system contains more than one visual programming language (HarbourPWCT, PythonPWCT, C#PWCT, SupernovaPWCT & CPWCT). from the name of the visual language we can guess the text based language that are used in the code generation process. PythonPWCT is a visual programming language that generate the source code in the Python programming language.

As any programming tool you need to try PWCT then decide for yourself if it is useful or not. I hope that some Python programmers will find that PythonPWCT is useful for them and they will like this article as an introduction to PythonPWCT.

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