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Wed Dec 11 19:24:12 CET 2013


On Wed, 11 Dec 2013 04:53:41 -0700
Jeff James wrote:

> Looking for a script which will check connectivity of any or all of our
> company URL's first thing in the morning to make sure none or our sites are
> down.     Any suggestions ?   Thank You

This really is not a suggestion because the software is not usable for
production use - there are missing too many features. But I am
currently developing a Nagios style monitoring solution using Python.
The software is called Linspector and it has an own homepage:

Linspector currrently only supports some TCP port probes and checking
for a string in some content fetched via HTTP. We are not developing
more servicve checks at the moment because we at first want to build
the core of the application to make sure we don't have to refactor to
much code all the time.

In the future Linspector will be a complete monitoring solution
supporting many protocols like SNMP, devices like sensors etc.

Linspector differs to all other monitoring solutions that it only does
monitoring, alerting and the storage of results in a database like
MongoDB. It really does not build graphs, statistics, SLA reports etc.
because we think this is not the job of a monitoring software which
you really should rely on and which not should waste CPU time for such
stuff. All data could be accessed from web applications, desktop
applications etc. for later usage. 

Another big difference is, that we do not provide a graphical
interface in Linspector. Linspector provides a Shell style interface
for managing an instance. In this Shell, called Lish, you will be able
to enable/disable jobs, get job lists, get a jobs state etc. Another
interface to Linspector is a JSON-RPC interface so you can easy write
your own management software for Linspector.

Be sure, Linspector is in a very early state of development but
development is going on every day and it is my main project... I love
it so i will not stop developing it.

We are planning to finish the core features until January/February 2014
and will then start building a lot of service checks for all the
everyday monitoring tasks. Even the Shell interface is only partly
usable at the moment so this will also be done until early 2014.

If you have any questions about this software feel free to conatct me
directly via mail.


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