adding values from a csv column and getting the mean. beginner help

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Wed Dec 11 20:34:30 CET 2013

On 11/12/2013 19:10, brian cleere wrote:
> I know the problem is with the for loop but don't know how to fix. Any help with explanation would be appreciated.
> #!/bin/env python
> import csv

You never use the csv module.

> import sys
> if len(sys.argv) < 3:
>      print('Please specify a filename and column number: {} [csvfile] [column]'.format(sys.argv[0]))
>      sys.exit(1)
> filename = sys.argv[1]
> column = int(sys.argv[2])
> for line in filename() , column ():

You're trying to loop around the filename and the column, you need to 
open the file and loop around that.

>      elements = line.strip().split(',')

Please don't do this when you've got the csv module to do things for you.

>      values.append(int(elements[col]))

Where did values come from?  Is it col or column, please make your mind up?

So let's stick things together.  Something like.

values = []
with open(filename) as csvfile:
     valuereader = csv.reader(csvfile)
     for row in valuereader:

> csum = sum(values)
> cavg = sum(values)/len(values)
> print("Sum of column %d: %f" % (col, csum))
> print("Avg of column %d: %f" % (col, cavg))

I like consistency, new style formatting here, old style above, still if 
it works for you.

My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask 
what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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