min max from tuples in list

Robert Voigtländer r.voigtlaender at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 07:28:51 CET 2013

>I've heard the term used often.  It means something like, "performs 
>well" or "runs fast".  It may or may not be an English word, but that 
>doesn't stop people from using it :-) 

> If "google" can be used to mean "make huge amouts of money with a 
> product that is inherently flawed" then I'll happily accept "performant" 
> as an English word, regardless of whether the English variant is UK, US, 
> Australian, New Zealand, Soth African, Geordie, Glaswegian or any other :)

Indeed it's not an english word. I have to stop using it. In German it's used with the meaning of "runs fast". Even though it's already not that clearly defined there.

Thanks for the help on the topic of data aggregation. It helped a lot and I again learned somthing.
I have a performant  .. well .. fast running solution now.

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