Module missing when embedding?

Garthy garthy_nhtyp at
Tue Dec 17 09:18:20 CET 2013

Hi all,

On 12/12/13 18:03, Garthy wrote:
 > I am attempting to embed Python 3.3.3 into an application.


 > Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong? Anything I can try on the
 > Python side or the C API side? My Python knowledge is a bit rusty so I
 > may have missed something obvious on the Python side. If there are any
 > resources online that show something similar to what I am doing, please
 > share, and I'll do the legwork. More info available if needed- just ask.

Thanks to anyone who may have looked at this or the subsequent test(s) I 
posted. The problem has since been solved by loading modules through 
another method.


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