Downloading multiple files based on info extracted from CSV

John Gordon gordon at
Thu Dec 12 23:21:46 CET 2013

In <88346903-2af8-48cd-9829-37cedb717ae5 at> Matt Graves <tunacubes at> writes:

> import urllib
> import csv
> urls = []
> clientname = []

> ###This will set column 7 to be a list of urls
> with open('clients.csv', 'r') as f:
>     reader = csv.reader(f)
>     for column in reader:
>         urls.append(column[7])

> ###And this will set column 0 as a list of client names
> with open('clients.csv', 'r') as g:
>     reader = csv.reader(g)
>     for column in reader:
>         clientname.append(column[0])

> ###This SHOULD plug in the URL for F, and the client name for G.
> def downloadFile(urls, clientname):
>     urllib.urlretrieve(f, "%g.csv") % clientname

> downloadFile(f,g)

> When I run it, I get : AttributeError: 'file' object has no attribute
> 'strip'

I think you're passing the wrong arguments to downloadFile().  You're
calling downloadFile(f, g), but f and g are file objects.  Don't you want
to pass urls and clientname instead?

Even if the correct arguments are passed to downloadFile, I think you're
using them incorrectly.  You don't even use the urls argument, and
clientname is supposed to be a list, so why aren't you looping through

You aren't using string interpolation correctly on the call to urlretrieve.
Assuming your intent was to build a string and pass it as the second
argument, you have the close-parenthesis in the wrong place.  The call
should look like this:

    urllib.urlretrieve(f, "%g.csv" % clientname)

"%g" returns a floating-point value.  Did you mean "%s" instead?)

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