Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world especially since sept. 11.

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> Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world especially since sept.
> 11.
> An important article shows that every child is born on the "fitrah"
> (natural inclination) of "Islam", the spread of Islam after September
> eleventh and that it’s necessary to make an open communication between
> Muslims & Non-Muslims for presenting a right picture about Islam .
> Salam Alaykum:
> Your question about the increase in the "reversion to Islam" is a good
> one. You have given me the excuse to do something that I have wanted to do
> for a long time. I have wanted to write on the subject of "Reverts to Islam
> in Modern Times" and the message that it carries to all of us Muslims about
> Islam TODAY.
> BACK TO Islam?
> Reverts to Islam In Modern Times
> "Revert" As Opposed to "Convert"
> I like to use the word "revert" as opposed to the word "convert" as it
> more suits the occasion of a person returning back to his natural condition
> at birth. The baby is born in true surrender, submission, obedience and
> peace with his Creator. And this is the desirable position of the Muslim,
> to be in peace and submission to the Will of Allah (God in English).
> Instead of thinking in terms of "converting" people over to Islam, it is
> better understood that they are simply returning back to their natural
> state at birth. And this is from the teachings of our beloved prophet,
> Muhammad, peace be upon him. (Muslims should always say "Peace be upon
> him/them" when referring to any of the prophets).
> Like A Baby
> Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: "Every child is born on the
> "fitrah" (natural inclination) of "Islam" (surrender, submission and peace
> to the Creator on His Terms). And it is their parents who raise them up to
> be Jews, Christians or fire worshippers."
> Dr. Ted Campbell who is the professor of religion at the seminary school
> in Maryland and I were both sharing the speakers platform last year in
> Maryland University. At the closing of a very nice interfaith dialog there
> came a strange question for both of us. Noah, the moderator said: "This
> last question is for both speakers: "Why are each of you in your religion?"
> Dr. Campbell took his position in front of the microphone and then looked
> around the room as he thought about the question. I will never forget his
> words. He said: "I guess I would have to say that I am a Methodist because,
> well because, my parents raised me that way. As a Methodist."
> He was right.
> That is what we know as Muslims. However, as I mentioned in my answer to
> the same question: "And then some are brought back to their original state
> as a baby." They are "reverted" to Islam by the Mercy of Allah.
> Actual or Factual Numbers of American Muslims
> Many people are claiming that twice as many, or three times or four times,
> or even ten times as many people are coming into Islam as they did prior to
> the events of September 11. Who could possibly know the numbers? We are not
> even sure how many Muslims live here in America. I have heard the numbers
> range from around 3,000,000 all the way up to 11,000,000. I'm sure that
> only Allah Knows for sure how many Muslims there are in America.
> Rate of "Reversion"
> Actually, I can't give accurate statistics before or after the September
> events. I have heard from some "experts" that Islam was the fastest growing
> religion in the world prior to the September 11 events. I have no reason to
> doubt it either. In the many Masjids around the United States and in the
> many countries that I have been fortunate enough to visit I have found
> thousands who have entered into Islam. The Anglican Church of England
> expressed concern that if something does not change in the trend of new
> Muslims in England that the Muslims will out number the Anglicans by the
> year 2010.
> The number one name of the birth certificates for new born boys in England
> was not John, or Michael, or William. It is "Muhammad." In Mexico, Sweden,
> Denmark and Canada I have witnessed so many coming into Islam that I cannot
> count them all. Everywhere I go I meet new Muslims. Prisons, universities
> and even in the military I have personally seen thousands who came to
> Islam. This is all before the events of September 11.
> More Exposure to the Message
> What I feel comfortable saying is that more and more people are being to
> exposed to Islam all over the world. Whether or not the picture they are
> receiving is painted correctly or not is not as important a factor as is
> the fact that at long last many people on this planet are looking at Islam
> as something very real. Therefore, when they ask about Islam some of the
> information is stimulating feelings inside of the people. Naturally we are
> going to see those who are stimulated to be against Islam. At the same time
> you have to understand that there are a number of people who will take the
> position that you cannot always believe everything in the news media. These
> are the ones whom Allah guides to inquire and learn more.
> Allah is the Only Guide
> It is only Allah who Guides the people and it is only Allah who Misguides.
> The biggest problem in the past used to be the lack of interest in Islam.
> People were not interested in talking about Islam or any religion for that
> matter, even their own. Now the problem is the lack of correct knowledge of
> Islam. There simply was not anything about Islam out there.
> Then the events of the 1970s with the actions of some of the Iranians when
> they hijacked airplanes and we saw on the news, men prostrating on the
> ground outside the airplanes. We in the West learned a new word; "Shi'ism".
> People said this is some strange religion (Islam). What is going on? Then
> came the 1980s and we saw acts of terrorism that occurred in Palestine and
> the words "fundamentalist" and "Muslim" became associated together.
> At the very beginning of the next decade we saw something take place in
> Iraq and Kuwait. Again religion is brought into the picture. Not a pretty
> picture, but a picture. Midway through the 1990s we saw big actions taking
> place everywhere in the world. The Trade Center in New York, airplanes,
> embassies, attacks and counter attacks. All along we are hearing something
> about "Islam" and "Moslems." Still not very positive to say the least. Then
> what occurred in September brought out more information, although
> distorted, about this religion of the East.
> President Says "Islam is Peace"
> Every home, every business, every place on earth became exposed to this
> religion called: "Islam." The president of the United States went on
> television at a time when everyone who had a TV set was watching to see
> what the United States Commander in Chief was going to say about the events
> of September 11, and what US was going to do. His message contained a lot
> of threats and promises about what the Americans were going to do to those
> who committed these horrific acts of terrorism. But the words that stick in
> my mind are the words that introduced Islam to a lot of people around the
> world who had never heard of Islam before in their lives.
> The words of President G. W. Bush when he said: "Islam is a religion of
> peace." Every single place on earth that could receive the broadcast signal
> from the TV towers or the satellites orbiting the earth got the message.
> And for those who were not so fortunate as to have a TV set, it was
> simultaneously broadcast on every radio station in the world. And for those
> who might have slept through the broadcast, it was rebroadcast over and
> over. And then for those who did not speak English of course there was
> translation. And then the written word took over where the broadcasting
> left off. There was not a newspaper in the world except that it carried
> something of the meaning of what Mr. Bush said on that occasion. It was a
> historical speech. One that will go down in the books of history as the
> retaliation of a nation against terrorism. He said it. "Islam IS A RELIGION
> Divide Muslims
> Now we know that Mr. Bush is not promoting Islam by any stretch of the
> imagination. However, he still could not afford to say something derogatory
> against all the Muslims in the world by attacking Islam. That would then
> unite all the Muslims against America (at least most of them).
> In fact it was to the advantage of the Americans to make statements that
> would help divide the Muslims over the situation existing in Afghanistan
> and the situation that was sure to occur. By making this statement, he left
> the door open for the Muslims who did not want to see any problem between
> the materialism of the West (which they personally enjoyed or would like to
> enjoy) and the sacrificing of those who were willing to stand up against
> the tyranny and oppression of the Western society and all that comes along
> with it.
> So the strategy was to say things that made certain Muslims look bad while
> at the same time not exactly attacking Islam. This led up to the next
> desirable situation for shaytan (the devil): Divide the Muslims against
> each other. So, now we had "mainstream Muslims" and "fundamentalist
> Muslims" and "terrorist Islam" and "modern Islam." It worked too. The
> Muslims did the thing that the non-Muslims could never have done. The
> Muslims defeated themselves. Anytime that Muslims fight Muslims and Muslims
> kill Muslims, then Allah's Protection is lifted from them and they will
> loose. That is what happened.
> People Want to Know
> Still in the midst of all of this negative propaganda and bad press,
> non-Muslim people were curious to learn more of this "cult" of Islam, its
> people and their beliefs. Books about Islam and Muslims were disappearing
> off the shelves of the bookstores faster than they could replenish them.
> Unfortunately almost every single book was written either by a non-Muslim
> or authors from the various deviant sects of Muslims. So the people were
> still not getting the real message of the true Islam.
> Websites, chat rooms, email and message boards became alive with
> information (and misinformation) about Islam, Muslims, Quran, Muhammad,
> peace be upon him. Some people wanted to know the truth, others wanted to
> hide it. Discussions and arguments about what Islam is about and what
> Muslims do were very common place. This was the most exposure that these
> subjects had ever had in the world at one time.
> Open Communication Between Muslim & Non-Muslim
> The good news came when the various dialogs between the Muslims and
> Christians began to take place. When the non-Muslims began to enter the
> masjids and sit with the Muslims and shared together in discussions and
> shared together enjoying the food and traditions of other cultures an
> amazing thing began to happen. They opened their minds and their hearts to
> the true message of the submission and surrender and obedience to the One
> True God, Allah -- in Islam.
> Back to Islam
> Since September 11th, I have seen a huge increase in the interest of
> people wanting to know about Islam and at the same time a marked increase
> in the "dawah" (invitation) to Islam on the part of the Muslims around the
> world. This is how the people are coming to Islam. The same way people have
> come to Islam for 1,400 years. By learning the true message and being with
> real Muslims. Those who are inclined to "revert" back to the natural state
> of baby-like submission and peace with Allah, are finding their way back to
> Islam.
> Many New Muslims
> Islam today, is growing faster than ever. It is the Will of Allah, for
> only He Guides. The people want to know. The interest is keen. The
> materials are available in more simple terms in many languages. The Muslims
> are starting to carry the responsibility of sharing the message of the true
> "Peace With God in Islam."
> Islam In Every Home
> Somewhere in the middle of all of this is occurred to me an expression of
> our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. When he said what might translate
> to English as:
> "The Last Day will not come until Islam has entered every house on earth,
> whether it is made of animal skins or from the earth."
> .
> thank you
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