Is it possible to mix python with php?

Roy Smith roy at
Sat Dec 14 03:36:36 CET 2013

In article <cdeeb47d-ab8b-4e78-9be2-ded8552309a9 at>,
 JL <lightaiyee at> wrote:

> Python is my favorite language. Very often, I am forced to use other 
> languages like php because of better library support for web applications. Is 
> it possible to write functions in python and then get php to call these 
> functions?

At one time, Songza was half PHP, half Python.  The parts ran in 
separate processes, communicating over HTTP.  I think that's probably 
what you want to do here.

If you define a clean, and well-documented interface, nobody has to know 
what language is running behind it.  Even better, if you have a 
comprehensive test suite for each interface, you can swap out 
implementations with a fair degree of confidence that you haven't broken 

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