GUI:-please answer want to learn GUI programming in python , how should i proceed.

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On 12/14/2013 05:25 AM, Chris Angelico wrote:
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>> GUI:-want to learn GUI programming in python  , how should i proceed.
>> There are lots of book here so I am  confuse which book  i should refer so that i don't waste time . please answer
> There are many ways to build a GUI with Python. Some of the more
> popular toolkits are Tk (tkinter), wxWidgets (wxpython), and GTK.
> Explore those and see which one you like; I personally quite like GTK,
> and the others have their fans too. There are GUI builders for each of
> the above (I think; definitely wx and GTK do), or you can build
> everything directly in code (my preferred style). Play around with it
> and see what you like!

For learning, tkinter is probably the easiest because it comes 
with Python and you don't need to install anything else.  The
best way to get started with it is to search for tutorials and
examples on web.  Searching for "python tkinter" on Amazon shows
a few books but I don't know anything about them.

wxPython currently runs only with Python2, not Python3.  There
is a drag-and-drop form designer available for it but it is a 
commercial product that costs money.  It also comes with a 
useable (once you get used to it) form builder tool that works
by graphically manipulating a text tree of widgets.

The other big, widely-used GUI toolkit is PyQt.  It runs on 
both Python2 and Python3.  There is another version of it
called PySide which is API compatible with PyQt but has 
different licensing terms.  PyQt comes with a very good 
drag-and-drop form designer.

I have played a little with both wxPython an PyQt and found 
learning to use them from the web difficult because of their 
size and complexity.  But both of them have pretty good books 
about them available:

  Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt (Summerfield)

  WxPython in Action (Dunn and Rapin)

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Chris and some other people here dislike Google Groups and 
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I and many other people here use Google Groups and have been 
doing so for years so if Google Groups works for you, please
feel free to continue using it.  

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