GUI:-please answer want to learn GUI programming in python , how should i proceed.

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Sat Dec 14 21:36:26 CET 2013

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> On 12/14/2013 10:05 AM, Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> > Tkinter is a bit "special" to use since it's not just a library, but
> > uses some kind of RPC. It seems that "look and feel" have been greatly
> > improved lately.
> I know Tkinter originated with the Tcl/Tk language.  With Tkinter in
> Python is it still using Tcl/Tk under the hood?  IE embeds the Tcl
> language interpreter into Python's interpreter?

Yes, it does.

> If so I've always found
> it a bit strange that the de facto GUI library that's shipped with
> Python ships an entirely different language with it under the hood.

It is a bit strange but, back in the day, there wasn't a better multi-platform 
GUI option and, even today, Tk (and Tcl) remain attractive because it is 
supported on the many important platforms and does not have the license issues 
that some other GUI toolkits have had.  And because of inertia.  Also, Python 
is not alone in this: Perl and Ruby also have Tk bindings that work the same 
way, AFAIK.

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