GUI:-please answer want to learn GUI programming in python , how should i proceed.

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On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 4:33 PM, Wolfgang Keller <feliphil at> wrote:
> And besides, again, a commercially licensed PyQt itself isn't *that*
> expensive.

> The cost of a commercial PyQt license for a single developer is £350
> (GBP). You may pay in either US Dollars, Euros or GBP.

(£420 incl. VAT for UK and select EU entities)

> one [license] per developer

For some people, it might be a lot.  Why waste money on something,
that has an almost-identical free-for-everyone version? (which also is
easier to install, BTW)

> PyQt does not include Qt itself. You must also obtain an
> appropriately licensed copy (either the commercial version from
> Digia or the LGPL version from the Qt Project).

So, you have four options:

a) use PySide and Qt at Project, pay $0 and be sane (albeit saner than
   person B);
b) use PyQt4 and Qt at Digia, pay £350/£420 + £??? and be sane;
c) use PySide and Qt at Digia, pay £??? and look like a hypocrite (albeit
   less than person D);
d) use PyQt4 and Qt at Project, pay £350/£420 and look like a hypocrite.

DISCLAIMER: Some things are based on assumptions, many of which may be

PS. For those living in the past without proper Unicode support: £ = GBP.

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