GUI:-please answer want to learn GUI programming in python , how should i proceed.

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at
Tue Dec 17 16:26:09 CET 2013

> On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 4:33 PM, Wolfgang Keller <feliphil at>
> wrote:
> > And besides, again, a commercially licensed PyQt itself isn't *that*
> > expensive.
> > The cost of a commercial PyQt license for a single developer is £350
> > (GBP). You may pay in either US Dollars, Euros or GBP.

I didn't write the second paragraph. Please learn to quote, thanks.
> (£420 incl. VAT for UK and select EU entities)

For a commercial developer that doesn't appear much to me. I know Qt
applications that cost ~100.000 EUR per seat. Others are so valuable
that they simply aren't sold at all.

Wingware since recently uses PyQt and their prices don't seem to have
skyrocketed since the migration from PyGTK.

> > one [license] per developer
> For some people, it might be a lot.  Why waste money on something,
> that has an almost-identical free-for-everyone version? (which also is
> easier to install, BTW)

Because PySide is *far* from identical.
> > PyQt does not include Qt itself. You must also obtain an
> > appropriately licensed copy (either the commercial version from
> > Digia or the LGPL version from the Qt Project).

Thanks again for learning to quote correctly. I did not write this
> So, you have four options:

If you need something that's actually supported, Pyside (currently)
doesn't look like a credible option to me.

And for "home users", education etc., the GPL version of PyQt seems
perfect to me.



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