Please stop the trolling

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Tue Dec 24 00:52:59 CET 2013

On 23/12/2013 20:53, Terry Reedy wrote:
> On 12/23/2013 2:05 PM, wxjmfauth at wrote:
>> Le lundi 23 décembre 2013 18:59:41 UTC+1, Wolfgang Keller a écrit :
>>> [me]
>>>> I'll note that Python core developers do care about memory leaks.
>>> And that's a really good thing.
>> Memory? Let me laugh!
> [snip repeated (for about the 5th time) posting of single character
> memory sizes]
> Jim, since I know you are smart enough to know the different between a
> small fixed size and a continuous leak, I can only think that the
> purpose of your repeated post was to get similarly a inane response from
> a couple of other people. That is the definition of trolling. It is
> disrespectful of others and in my opinion is a violation of the Python
> Code of Conduct, which *does* apply to python-list. Please desist.

Thanks for this Terry.  I was sorely tempted earlier to say something 
but managed to keep control of myself.  Now I'll be keeping quiet and 
let Jim speak for himself.

My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask 
what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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