GUI:-please answer want to learn GUI programming in python , how should i proceed.

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at
Thu Dec 19 16:32:37 CET 2013

> > With Windows systems, I waste something like 90% of my work time
> > waiting for that system to stop "Not Responding".
> > 
> > And no, it's not a matter of hardware.
> Something is wrong then.

You bet.

> Windows has its issues, and it does slow down over time as cruft in
> the system accumulates. And Windows XP is getting slower and slower
> due to a bug in the automatic updates service, but in general, but
> your experience with Windows is not normal.

With Windows it *is* "normal". An experienced software developer
once even explained the reason to me. When a single process on Windows
does I/O, then the system essentially falls back to "single tasking".
Or (non-)"cooperative multitasking" at best, depending on how
dissocial the developer of that process is.

>  I managed hundreds of Windows workstations in my previous
> life and I did not see this occur with any regularity.

Well, because you only "managed" those computers, you never tried to
accomplish actual *work* with them.

> So something is wrong with your setup. Maybe its time for a
> re-install?  Virus or malware? 

Windows itself is the problem.

> Or maybe you need to upgrade to Windows 7?

Won't change anything.



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