New to Python, Help to get script working?

Mark markyshizzle at
Sun Dec 15 05:51:59 CET 2013

Hey guys, I found this website that has a script in order to increase numbers to a live viewing stream. Being new to python, I keep running into problems trying to get it to work.

The original site is here, as he talks about how it works. It is the top article.

I have successfully installed python 3.3 for windows, pip and livestreamer that is needed for it to work. They are in my scripts folder. I either do not understand the script or it no longer works. It is more than likely my error. I get errors on line 19 and cant get it to work at all.

The included code is located here

If anybody could provide some incite on how to get it to work, how the variables work, and such, I would be so grateful!


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