New to Python, Help to get script working?

Frank Millman frank at
Mon Dec 16 09:38:53 CET 2013

"Mark" <markyshizzle at> wrote in message 
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> On Monday, December 16, 2013 2:55:23 AM UTC-5, Mark wrote:
> If i just try to double click the script, i get an index error, i can 
> barely see the window it disappears so fast, but thats what I see.

I haven't really been following this thread, but I assume you are on 

If so, you can open a Command Prompt from All Programs/Accessories, 'cd' to 
the folder containing your script, and type in the script name.

It will start, crash, and display the error, but the window will stay open, 
so you will be able to read the full traceback.

Normally the traceback provides enough clues that you can figure out for 
yourself what the problem is. But if you still cannot solve it, copy/paste 
the entire traceback and send it here. The chances are that someone can 

BTW, did you notice that I removed the bulk of your original message, and 
left behind just enough to provide a context for your question and for my 
reply? This is good etiquette, and others will appreciate your doing the 

Frank Millman

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