New to Python, Help to get script working?

Mark markyshizzle at
Mon Dec 16 21:25:57 CET 2013

I am sorry if the way I posted messages was incorrect. Like I said, I am new to google groups and python quite a bit but i am trying to do things correctly by you guys. The errors that I am getting were not necessarily posting traceback messages.

In those messages I posted my last bit of confusion, how to properly run the program while meeting the arguments. Thanks Frank for giving me a little hint at that. 

Now in that directory in cmd, i type in python 10 10. When i do this I get "thread error" posting infinitely down my stream. So it looks like the program is actually running now, just some im possibly missing? Once again I do have pip and livestreamer installed and the exact py file i have is located here:

Once again thanks for help,


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