Question RE urllib

Tim Chase python.list at
Mon Dec 16 13:04:23 CET 2013

On 2013-12-16 04:40, Jeff James wrote:
> These sites do not require a logon in order for the home
> page to come up.  Could this be due to some port being blocked
> internally ? Only one of the sites reporting as down is "https" but
> all are internal sites.  Is there some other component I should be
> including in the script ?

From your description, I'm unsure whether it's *only* the HTTPS sites
that are having issues, or a subset of your URL list that includes
both HTTP and HTTPS (where those sites happen to be internal).

Either way, my first suspicion is that you have some sort of proxy
server in your network that web-browsers use.  The urlopen() accepts a
parameter to list proxy server information, which you should be able
to glean from your browser settings.

If your web-browser isn't using a proxy, the sites might be doing
unsavory things like filtering by user-agent.  Dumping the contents
of the exception (and including it here) might help diagnose.


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