Determining whether a glyph is available in Tkinter

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Fri Dec 20 10:18:20 CET 2013

Le vendredi 20 décembre 2013 00:10:58 UTC+1, wmcb... at a écrit :
> On Monday, December 16, 2013 10:58:06 PM UTC-5, Terry Reedy wrote:
> In this case, I already know that the glyphs I chose work with the default fonts for OS X 10.4+ and Windows 7+, but not for (for example) Win XP.

As I pointed in an another thread, Windows 7 is the
first Windows which became full unicode compliant
(0th order approximation).

If your application works fine with win7, good. If it
does not on XP, it's like this.


Font: I do not know what glyphs you "need". Do
not expect to find always a single font that will
cover your needs.

It's a little bit a side effect of "unicode", but
everything has been constructed to be a no problem.
And it is a no problem.


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