Total time in running Python Tests

shankha shankhabanerjee at
Tue Dec 17 03:40:18 CET 2013

What is the usually the time taken to run Python tests on a x86 machine
with 1 GB of RAM?

./python -m test -j3

Should it be all PASS ? What is the expected summary of the results. Are
these good:

   .3 tests omitted:
       test___all__ test_site test_urllib2net
   348 tests OK.
   3 tests failed:
       test_codecs test_distutils test_ioctl
   2 tests altered the execution environment:
       test___all__ test_site
   33 tests skipped:
       test_bz2 test_codecmaps_cn test_codecmaps_hk test_codecmaps_jp
       test_codecmaps_kr test_codecmaps_tw test_curses test_dbm_gnu
       test_dbm_ndbm test_devpoll test_gzip test_idle test_kqueue
       test_lzma test_msilib test_ossaudiodev test_readline test_smtpnet
       test_socketserver test_sqlite test_ssl test_startfile test_tcl
       test_timeout test_tk test_ttk_guionly test_ttk_textonly
       test_urllibnet test_winreg test_winsound test_xmlrpc_net
       test_zipfile64 test_zlib

Are the results fine.

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