Bootstrapping a test environment

Burak Arslan burak.arslan at
Tue Dec 17 15:07:04 CET 2013

Hello list,

I decided to set up a portable Jenkins environment for an open source
project I'm working on.

After a couple of hours of tinkering, I ended up with this:
(it should have been a Makefile)

This worked just fine.

Next, I wanted to integrate other Python implementations to this setup,
but none really worked so far. Jython-2.7-beta installs fine but seems
to have problems fetching stuff from the internet. I couldn't get
IronPython to compile under mono at all. I couldn't look at PyPy deeply
but resource requirements for building it seem scary...

Here's the latest version of that script:

Note that there's nothing project-specific there except the --source and
--omit parameters to coverage.

Here's the script in action: Btw, Kudos
to cool folks at cloudbees for supporting FOSS, It's been rock solid so
far. They got unlimited parallel executors, no less :)

So, could people who've done similar things share their experience? How
do you suggest I should proceed here? Do you have a working ipy/mono
version combination that works? Is there a similar build script for PyPy

Pull requests are very much welcome :)

Best regards,

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