Windows+Python: Why is the first opened window not shown active?

asmwarrior asmwarrior at
Thu Dec 19 06:13:37 CET 2013

On 2013-12-18 17:05, Tim Golden wrote:
> This isn't related to Python specifically: ctypes is just handing the
> values you pass straight on to the underlying DLL (here: user32.dll).
> If you check the MSDN page for the MessageBox function:
> you can see there's a MB_SETFOREGROUND flag with value 0x00010000L which
> seems to do what you want.
> Why the Message box is activated the second time when it isn't the
> first, I have no idea. But it's Windows which is deciding what to do
> there, not Python.
Thanks Tim for the reply, indeed this is not an issue in Python, it is related to Windows OS.

Yuanhui Zhang

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