Use of urllib (update)

Jeff James jeff at
Wed Dec 18 16:16:43 CET 2013

Folks, I promise I'll get to the point where my questions aren't so basic,
but I'm just now starting to get into Python.   So I'm using the urllib
script to check to make sure our company sites are up.  As stated earlier,
I have three sites which require some form of authentication in order to
report back through the script that they are up and accessible.    I was
given this very helpful link by Larry covering some authentication code I
could implement into the script. .    I can make out the
logic behind the script, but because I'm still new to Python, I'm having a
hard time trying to figure out how to implement it into my existing urllib
script.  I'm assuming I need to integrate the code somehow for each url
requiring authentication in that each site requires different creds.......
 Other than this little speedbump this script is pretty slick and has
already scored a few points with my manager.  ;o)     Thanks
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