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> Hi,
> i'm looking for solution the unicode string translation to the more readable format.
> I've got string like s=s=[u'\u0105\u017c\u0119\u0142\u0144'] and have no idea how to change to the human readable format. please help!
> regards,
> tomasz
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While printing the string, instead of the list/seeing the list’s repr,
Python shows a nice human-friendly representation.

>>> s=[u'\u0105\u017c\u0119\u0142\u0144']
>>> s
>>> s[0]
>>> print s
>>> print s[0]

However, that is only the case with Python 2, as Python 3 has a
human-friendly representation in the repr, too:

>>> s=[u'\u0105\u017c\u0119\u0142\u0144']
>>> s

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