Deamonify my python script on Android

Ben Finney ben+python at
Mon Dec 23 22:56:08 CET 2013

Kevin Peterson <qh.resu01 at> writes:

> I want to daemonify my python script on Android device. That is, it
> should be automatically invoked on boot up.

Those aren't the same thing. To daemonise a program is independent of
whether the program starts automatically; it can start automatically
without detaching (e.g. the process that requests a login) it can detach
on request without starting automatically (e.g. any daemon started by
a user), etc.

If you want the program to start automatically on boot up, that's not a
python question; you want to find out about the Android boot process and
what facilities it has for starting a program on boot. But that's
independent of Python and independent of daemonising the program.

If you want to have a program become a daemon (i.e. a background
process) <URL:> the
‘python-daemon’ library is designed for this
<URL:>. But that's nothing to
do with automatic start-up, nor Android; you're on your own for those.

Good hunting!

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