How can i return more than one value from a function to more than one variable

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Mon Dec 23 01:45:46 CET 2013

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> basically what I wanna do is this :
> x = 4
> y = 7
> def switch (z,w):
> ***this will switch z to w and vice verca***
>      c= z
>      z=w
>      w=c
>      print 'Now x =', w, 'and y = ' , z
>      return w
> x = switch(x,y)
>  How am I supposed to do so I can  return also a value to the variable y
>  WITHOUT printing 'Now x =', w, 'and y = ' , z   a second time ?

There is no need for a function to swap two values. In Python, if you want
to swap two values (or three, or thirty-three for that matter!) just
reassign them all at once.

x = 23
y = 42
x, y = y, x

Python guarantees that after this, x will have the value that y had, and y
will have the value that x had. No need for a function!

To return two or more values from a function, use a tuple:

def sum_and_product(a, b):
    """Return the sum and product of a and b."""
    sum = a+b
    product = a*b
    return (sum, product)

s, p = sum_and_product(100, 2)

s will now have the value 102, and p the value 200.


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