Variables in a loop, Newby question

vanommen.robert at vanommen.robert at
Fri Dec 27 09:53:43 CET 2013

Hello everyone, I have been away for a while.
I have been reading all the good advises and want to explain why I want to read the temperatures separately from the main script. It takes a long time to read out 10 temperatures. About 10 seconds. So that’s the reason why I had the idea to create a separate script and I thought by making te variables Global I could access them by other scripts. Now I know that’s not the purpose of Global.
Maybe I can create a loop that keeps running simultaneously with the rest of the script. 
I’ve downloaded a great student book about Python and learning a lot.
Thanks for all the answers and I’ll post more questions in the future, I’m sure of it.
Greetings Robert

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