need to print seconds from the epoch including the millisecond

Cousin Stanley cousinstanley at
Mon Dec 30 19:17:36 CET 2013

>> You might consider either turning off an option
>> in your news client for including message in reply
>> and/or snipping all but a few lines for context
>> to prevent us from seeing the double line spacing
>> all over again .... :-)
> Great idea, but one slight snag is 
> the poster then doesn't see how many newlines 
> they've managed to insert using their superb tool.

  A few lines to illustrate along with your
  standard reference  might  be enough ....

>>>> I am on Ubuntu 12.10.   I am still working with the 2 decimal places.
>>>> Sometime ago i had this issue and I forget how i solved it. maybe i used
>>>> datetime? thanks!

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