Brython (Python in the browser)

Pierre Quentel pierre.quentel at
Fri Dec 27 07:14:35 CET 2013


Ever wanted to use Python instead of Javascript for web client programming ? Take a look at Brython, an implementation of Python 3 in the browser, with an interface with DOM elements and events

Its use is very simple :
- load the Javascript library brython.js : <script src="/path/to/brython.js">
- embed Python code inside a tag <script type="text/python">
- run the Python script on page load : <body onload="brython()">

The Python code is translated into Javascript and executed on the fly

Brython supports the DOM API, HTML5, SVG, with some syntaxic sugar to make the interface more concise (a la jQuery) ; interaction with Javascript libraries is very straightforward. The Brython site provides documentation and many examples

After 1 year of intense development, Brython now covers most of the Python3 syntax and can run most of the modules of the Python3.3 standard distribution unmodified, including complex packages like unittest. The team aims at covering 100% of all of Python that makes sense in a browser environment

Home page :
Development site :
Downloads :
Community :!forum/brython

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