Spam trash sent to python-list from google-groups

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Dec 30 20:12:04 CET 2013

In the last week, python list received the following from google-groups.

vbfvf6 at via google-groups
NOW Watch Hot Sexy Star Aishwarya rai Bathing Videos In All Angles

hussainc1969 at via gg
Sania Mirza Naked Pics at

hossamalagmy at via gg
=?windows-1256?B?3e3TIMjm3yAtIGZhY2Vib29r?= (Partly Arabic script)

Just to let people know, I have informed the other python-list-owners of 
the situation (and of gg formatting problems) and have enquired about 
possible actions.

I applaud everyone for their restraint in not responding to the above. 
Let them die without be propagated by responses. Please also do not use 
this notice as an excuse for repetitious gg comments.

Terry Jan Reedy

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