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Mon Dec 30 21:53:14 CET 2013

On 30/12/2013 18:43, rpucci2 at wrote:
> Hi I just joined this list and have a question.I have python 3.3.3 and
> running it on a windows 7 computer.Python has been running good until
> recently.I can bring up python shell,but when I go to run a recently
> loaded program,the code comes up briefly on the screen and then
> disappears.Python just quits and then I have to start over.Can someone
> tell me what is happening?I’m new to python and am just learning.Thanks

Hi, welcome to Python.

This is a common question and has been answered quite a few times on 
this list, including quite recently. However, I can't for the life of me 
find an example of such an answer in the archives! (Someone's sure to 
help me out here).

In short, you'd do better to start up a console window (using Start > 
Run > cmd.exe or any other way you choose). You can then cd to the 
directory your code is in, and run the programs that way. The thing is 
that, if your program looks like this:

import sys

print("Hello, World!)
print("I'm running Python version ", sys.version)


then, when you double-click, your program will run in a console window, 
print its brief output, and exit, all before you've really noticed 
what's going on!

Have a look here:

and here:

for some amount of help.


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