Idle Problems

bob gailer bgailer at
Mon Dec 30 21:54:15 CET 2013

On 12/30/2013 1:43 PM, rpucci2 at wrote:
> Hi I just joined this list and have a question.I have python 3.3.3 and 
> running it on a windows 7 computer.Python has been running good until 
> recently.I can bring up python shell,but when I go to run a recently 
> loaded program,the code comes up briefly on the screen and then 
> disappears.Python just quits and then I have to start over.Can someone 
> tell me what is happening?I’m new to python and am just learning.Thanks
What do you mean by "run a recently loaded program"? and by "the code 
comes up briefly on the screen and then disappears"?

We could guess but that is a waste of time.

How did you load it? What did you do to run it?

Be as thorough and specific as you can.

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