Improve reduce functions of SQLite3 request

Steffen Mutter steffen at
Mon Feb 4 15:30:35 CET 2013

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> 	Untested:
> 	(select homenr as nr, home as club FROM Runde20122013 
> 			WHERE place="karlsruhe" 
> 	UNION SELECT guestnr as nr, guest as club FROM 20122013 
> 			WHERE place="karlsruhe")
> limit 10

Hi Dennis,

here the output of your suggested solution:
  SELECT HeimNr as nr, Heim as club FROM Runde20122013 
    WHERE kreis ="karlsruhe" 
  SELECT GastNr as nr, gast as club FROM Runde20122013 
    WHERE kreis ="karlsruhe") LIMIT 10; 

359|TV Calmbach 
21101|SG Heidel/Helm 
21236|JSG Neuth/Büch 
23108|TG Eggenstein 
23108|TGEggenstein 2 <- 
23109|TV Ettlingenw 
23109|TV Ettlingenw 2 <-
23112|TSV Jöhlingen 
23112|TSV Jöhlingen 2 <- 
23112|TSV Jöhlingen 3 <-

Still not like what I'm looking for.
Maybe I should iterate through the list, pick out the nr and look for
the club stick it to a new list and leave out those ones, with the longe
r club name...

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