Improve reduce functions of SQLite3 request

Dave Angel davea at
Mon Feb 4 16:30:51 CET 2013

On 02/04/2013 09:30 AM, Steffen Mutter wrote:
> 359|TV Calmbach
> 21101|SG Heidel/Helm
> 21236|JSG Neuth/Büch
> 23108|TG Eggenstein
> 23108|TGEggenstein 2 <-
> 23109|TV Ettlingenw
> 23109|TV Ettlingenw 2 <-
> 23112|TSV Jöhlingen
> 23112|TSV Jöhlingen 2 <-
> 23112|TSV Jöhlingen 3 <-
> Still not like what I'm looking for.
> Maybe I should iterate through the list, pick out the nr and look for
> the club stick it to a new list and leave out those ones, with the longe
> r club name...

Perhaps you should define how you choose to match a shorter & longer 
club name as "equivalent".  For example, why isn't  'E' the shorter name 
to for Ettlingneow and Eggenstein ?

Are you maybe just throwing everything away after the first blank?  Or what?


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