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> I need to pick up a language that would cover the Linux platform.  I
> use Powershell for a scripting language on the Windows side of
> things.  Very simple copy files script.  Is this the best way to do
> it?
> import os
>     objdir = ("C:\\temp2")
>     colDir = os.listdir(objdir)
>     for f in colDir:
>         activefile = os.path.join(objdir + "\\" + f)
>         print ("Removing " + activefile + " from " + objdir)
>         os.remove(activefile)
> In Powershell I would just do:
> $colDir = gci -path "c:\temp2"
> ForEach($file in $colDir)
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Is you powershell code printing the file being removed ? does it remove the file as well ?
Because when you say "I would *just* do" you seem to imply that the same actions can be performed with powershell in very few lines.

Anyway, your python code is correct but contain minor issues:

1/ listdir returns all elements in a directory, including subdirectories, you should filter the list to get only files. os.remove will not remove directories.
2/ activefile = os.path.join(objdir, f) # would be the portable way of joining path elements

objdir = os.path.join('C:', 'temp2')
for f in [f for _f in os.listdir(objdir) if os.path.isfile(_f)]:
    os.remove(os.path.join(objdir, f))

Also note that 'shutil' is a module giving you access to a lot of tools for copying, deleting creating files/dir.



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