Best Practice Question

Anthony Correia akcorreia at
Tue Feb 5 05:23:49 CET 2013

Just started learning Python.  I just wrote a simple copy files script. I use Powershell now as my main scripting language but I wanted to extend into the linux platform as well.  Is this the best way to do it?

import os 

    objdir = ("C:\\temp2") 
    colDir = os.listdir(objdir) 
    for f in colDir: 
        activefile = os.path.join(objdir + "\\" + f) 
        print ("Removing " + activefile + " from " + objdir) 

In Powershell I would do this: 

$colDir = gci -path "c:\temp2"
$objDir = "C:\temp3"
ForEach($file in $colDir){
    #.Fullname lists the directory and filename together.  No need to do a join
    Copy-item $file.fullname -destination $objDir

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