How to improve writing code in python?

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Wed Feb 6 15:48:39 CET 2013

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> Hi,
> I have a problem with learning Python. My code is really bad and I
> can't solve many problems. I really want to improve it. Do you know
> any website which helps me to learn python effectively (for
> beginners)? This is my first programming language and I am studying
> about manipulating the images using Python. If you also know any
> websites relating to manipulate the images, can you guys tell me?
> Thank you!
> --

Google is your best friend, for your entire python life.

"python tutorial"

"python object"


Since you're not specific about what causing you problems I can only give you these general pointers.

I use a search engine every day for anything, when I'm stuck on a specific problem I ask this list with a detailed description of the exact issue I'm facing, trying to find the minimum piece of executable code reproducing the issue.




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