best way to share an instance of a class among modules?

CM cmpython at
Wed Feb 6 05:40:53 CET 2013

I have recently moved all my SQLite3 database-related functions into a
class, DatabaseAccess, that lives in a "utilities" module.  When the
application loads, the namespace of the instance of the class is
populated with two different cursors for two different databases the
whole application needs to use.  One of those cursors always refers to
a connection to the same database, but the other cursor can change
which database it refers to; in this regard, the namespace of the
DatabaseAccess class instance holds a "state" (which is which database
the one cursor currently refers to)

I have a number of modules that all need to use those two cursors.
However, if I import the utilities module and create a new instance of
the DatabasesAccess() in each of all the various modules, obviously
each new instance doesn't have the same namespace as the first
instance, and so doesn't have the *same* two cursors.

I can think of a few ways to pass the DatabaseAcess instance around to
the various modules, but all of them seem like repeating myself and
clunky.  What's the "best" (most Pythonic, simplest) way for a number
of modules to all share the same instance of my DatabaseAccess class?


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