Help about finding a python script on geographic masking

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Feb 6 18:28:35 CET 2013

On 02/06/2013 09:37 AM, tkhan10 wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> I am new to python and trying to understand this programming
> language. But right now I need to find a script on geographic masking
> methods. This is an emergency. These masking methods are to hide a
> specific location so that the identification of that location is not
> revealed. I am not very efficient in python and cannot make my own
> script right now by myself.
> Can anyone of you give me any suggestion how i can find such a
> script?
> Thank you all so much Subrina

Unfortunately I don't know what geographic masking is, despite your
explanation.  Does it have to do with a particular type of data?  File
format?  Are you working with a particular software package?  Data
files?  image files?  GIS mapping data?

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