Moving mouse, Python3 and PyObjc

joaofguiomar at joaofguiomar at
Fri Feb 8 00:22:01 CET 2013

import objc

def clickMouse(x, y, button):
    bndl = objc.loadBundle('CoreGraphics', globals(), '/System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework')
    objc.loadBundleFunctions(bndl, globals(), [('CGPostMouseEvent', 'v{CGPoint=ff}III')])
    CGPostMouseEvent((x, y), 1, button, 1)
    CGPostMouseEvent((x, y), 1, button, 0)
clickMouse(600,500, 1)  

this seems to send the mouse cursos to the top left corner, no matter what coords i send on clickMouse...

Also, I just can't seem to install PyObjc and use it on Python3.3 ... always get No module named objc.

Sighs... Made a simple python app while at work (windows 7) and was trying to change it to work on Os X (home computer) but cant even get the basics done (move and click mouse)....

Thank you.

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