python3 binascii.hexlify ...

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Sat Feb 9 12:10:36 CET 2013

Cameron Simpson wrote:

> This seems to return a bytes object in Python 3.3.0. I was expecting a
> string. The documentation here:
> also keeps me expecting a string. Am I missing something?

"""Return the hexadecimal representation of the binary data. Every byte of 
data is converted into the corresponding 2-digit hex representation.

makes it pretty clear that the function is operating on bytes, not str.

The following sentence "The resulting string..." is likely a leftover from 
Python 2 and should be fixed.

If you need str instead of bytes it's easy enough to do the 
encoding/decoding yourself:

>>> import binascii as ba
>>> ba.hexlify("äöü".encode())
>>> ba.unhexlify(_).decode()

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