with numpy/scipy install

Oscar Benjamin oscar.j.benjamin at
Sun Feb 10 20:34:06 CET 2013

On 10 February 2013 18:14, Michael Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> On 02/10/2013 10:35 AM, Rex Macey wrote:
>> I'm new to Python with a new windows 8 machine (64-bit OS).  Learning
>> programming mainly for fun.  Naturally I downloaded Python 3.3 (who
>> doesn't want the latest and greatest).  What I want involves
>> functions related to the normal distribution.

What functions did you want? The math module contains the error
function erf() and the random module can generate normally distributed
pseudo-random numbers, e.g.:

>>> import math
>>> from math import erf
>>> erf(0.0)
>>> erf(1.0)
>>> from random import normalvariate
>>> normalvariate(0.0, 1.0)

>> Based on my google
>> research, it appears that SCIPY is a good way to go. That requires
>> NUMPY.   I don't seem to find an install that works for my
>> environment which leads to the questions on this post: Is there an
>> install for my environment and if so, where do I get it?

There should be. Why doesn't it work?

>> If not, is
>> there another package I should use? Or do I need to bite the bullet
>> and install an earlier version of Python.  Suggestions and comments
>> appreciated. Thanks.
> A casual google search seems to indicate that for now, SciPy and NumPy
> are for Python 2.x (2.7 is the latest).  I could be wrong though and
> often am.  I know a number of popular and useful packages are not yet
> available on Python 3.

numpy and scipy are both available for Python 3. They have been for
some time and, on Ubuntu, can be installed from the OS repositories.
For Windows the OP should use the sourceforge download page.


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