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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Fri Feb 15 08:51:35 CET 2013

On Friday, February 15, 2013 12:18:17 AM UTC-6, Chris Angelico wrote:
> And yet it is still a perfect example of how a line of
> code inside a 'try' block can indeed be offensive.

Oh nice try, but we are not fooled by your straw-man. My exact statement that provoked this whole thing was:

Q1: How could a line in the "try" block ever be considered offensive? Because it throws an error? Are you serious?

If you notice, the first sentence is rhetorical. 

 "How could a line in the "try" block ever be considered offensive?"
My suggestion of "offensive" does not imply ignorance on /my/ part, but it does not necessarily imply ignorance on your part either. Then, in the second sentence, I offer a possible answer to the first question in the form of another question (asked on your behalf): 

 "Because it throws and error?"
Then in my last sentence, i ask another question (in a sarcastic manner) that negates the answer you might have given, 

 "Are you serious?"
This negation means that /i/ do not find ANY line in a try block to be "offensive". In effect, you could reduce the paragraph to this:

 "A line of code in the try block that throws an error is NOT offensive (to me)."
As you can see from this break-down, /i/ never suggested that ANY line in ANY block was "offensive", it was /you/ (by proxy) who suggested it. Now ain't that just a pickle! ;-).

> This has nothing to do with exceptions, and everything to
> do with societal practices and acceptable language.

But "offensive" is very subjective my friend! 

I curse quite frequently (especially when i am frustrated). To me, words are merely expressions, and when i'm angry i will express myself accordingly. However, there are many people who cannot deal with the feelings and images that they experience when hearing certain words. And a good argument could be made for "limiting strong emotional expressions in the company of strangers" -- even /if/ for nothing more than "good manners".

It was for the later reason that i edited this word. And besides, i could toss out curse words all day if my only intent was to sensationalize the moment for the sake of a few rubber-neckers. Anybody can employ the curse for quick attention of fellow fools, however, /real/ intelligence is required to draw a witty abstract relationship between two superficially unrelated entities or ideas (especially when one entity is tangible and the other is intangible).

> The fact that you edited it out of your quote shows just
> how offensive the expression is. :)

So you present "a curse word that i edited" versus "a rhetorical question i made on your behalf", and you claim to have defeated me? Ha, classic straw-man!

> May I ring your schoolbell?

Sure, but only if you use your head as the hammer.

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