Awsome Python - chained exceptions

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Mon Feb 18 06:51:37 CET 2013

On Sunday, February 17, 2013 7:35:24 PM UTC-6, alex23 wrote:

> Any chance you can stop sending to both comp.lang.python _and_ the 
> python-list, given the former is a mirror of the later?

I apologize for this doubling of my messages and i can assure you i don't do this intentionally. Proper netiquette is very important to me. These double posts are another unfortunate side-effect of using the buggy Google Groups web-face to read/write Usenet. I've sent feedback to the Google Groups long ago and have yet to see any changes or even get any replys. 

You know, i try to support Google because (for the most part) they are the only option to M$ and they "give-back". However, sustaining the last few years of them cramming (this and other) buggy software down my throat is starting to wear on my patience. 

Not only does this software post the same message twice, it also inserts superfluous newlines in quoted text, does not support mono-spaced fonts _anymore_, and wraps lines at well over 150 chars! The old groups interface was simple, had mono-spaced font, and wrapped lines at reasonable lengths. I am a simple kinda guy, and so i really liked the old group interface. :-(

Alex, if you (or anyone else) would be kind enough to recommend an alternative to this gawd awful software, i'm all ears. My expectations at minimum are:

 * I only like to read the list from the web, i just hate
   getting thousands of emails in my inbox.

 * I MUST have mono-spaced font (at least as an option).

That's about it. Anything else is just icing really.

PS: To all of you that use the buggy GoogleGroups, please send them feedback detailing all of these bugs (and any more that you have experienced!)

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