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Mon Feb 18 19:32:22 CET 2013

 <rurpy <at>> writes:
> On 02/17/2013 11:10 PM, Terry Reedy wrote:
> > For at least the 10th time [...]
> And for at least the 11th time, you are wrong.  There are reasons
> (not applicable to everyone but applicable to many) for using
> Google Groups, among others it is more accessible and easier to 
> use for many than a news reader with Gmane.

I will admit that GG's is easier in this respect. 

However, you /can/ read gmane /without/ a newsreader using the "frames and
threads"  or "flat (blog-like)" web-interface. Although, there are a few issues
that are annoying me:

1. When viewing in the "flat" interface style, the text of the messages is so
small i need to squint whilst reading. Of course i can zoom my web browser,
however, then i get a horizontal scroll bar and some of the post text is
unreachable without scrolling (I really hate horizontal scroll bars!). Not to
mention that i will need to adjust the zoom level back to normal when leaving
the site. 

2. When positing a new message i must enter my email address and username each
time. The forms are auto-filled for replys but not for new messages. Go figure!

3. There is no method to sort the topics by either: "last reply first" or "date
of thread composition". This is probably more suited to a personal newsreader

4. (In the blog style interface) the menu of threads uses a font with
insufficient vertical spacing and everything becomes so jammed together that it
is completely unreadable. I will try to change my browsers' font and see if that
solves the issue; although i am quite fond of my current settings!

> There are ways of mitigating some of the worst characteristics of
> GG posts, see 

Thanks for this link!

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