Awsome Python - chained exceptions

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Wed Feb 20 12:50:18 CET 2013

alex23 wrote:

> On Feb 20, 3:14 am, rusi <rustompm... at> wrote:
>> How do you "revert to old interface"?
>> So far I have managed to keep to the old by
>> - logging out of gmail
>> - reload GG -- now the choice to revert should appear
>> It seems everyone does not get that option
> In an amazing piece of software engineering, you need to accept the
> new interface _before_ the revert to old interface option appears.
> I have to do this at irregular intervals, not entirely sure what
> triggers its decision to foist the new crap onto me. Now I mostly use
> the feedback box to vent my spleen :)

You know, you could always *stop* using their crap. You can easily subscribe
to this as a mailing list. It will work anywhere you have email, in your
familiar mail client.

If access on any computer with an internet connection is important to you,
the mailing list works fine with Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

Or if your ISP provides Usenet access, you can use a News client to read it
via comp.lang.python, or gmane.comp.python.general. If you don't have a
News client, there are various free ones available, starting with


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