First attempt at a Python prog (Chess)

Chris Hinsley chris.hinsley at
Thu Feb 14 18:48:10 CET 2013

On 2013-02-14 06:05:13 +0000, Tim Roberts said:

> Chris Hinsley <chris.hinsley at> wrote:
>> New to Python, which I really like BTW.
>> First serious prog. Hope you like it. I know it needs a 'can't move if
>> your King would be put into check' test. But the weighted value of the
>> King piece does a surprising emergent job.
> It looks a little like a C program ported line-by-line to Python.  For
> example, in Python, there's no reason not to keep the board as an 8x8 array
> instead of a 64-element list.  That by itself would make the code easier to
> read.  It would also let you replace this:
>     for row in range(8):
>         for col in range(8):
> with the more Pythonic:
>     for row in board:
>         for cell in row:
> I would probably replace the piece_type function with a map that maps the
> piece number directly to the piece

Is a Python list as fast as a bytearray ? I didn't copy a C prog BTW !

Yep, after I posted the code I started thinking about how to do that 
sort of thing :) Thanks, for the advice.


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